A company made by people


The synergy is a reciprocal hint stimulating the research of new sales strategies and technical solutions. Based on the this logic, Pentek owns shares of Orion Srl, focused in designing software for industrial automation and manufacturing electrical cabinets.

Pentek grows as a true avant-garde in finishing and feeds itself by auditing the unsolved problems, the closed paths and hurdles which our customers have to cope with in their everyday struggle: our proposals become successful only by solving a commercial problems of our customers.

That's why our predisposition for auditing and experimenting - being the real motor of our company - cannot possibly exist without a sincere open attitude towards our manufacturers colleagues or whoever (technician, designers, finisher, etc...) shares with us the desire of moving forward the limits of common knowhow and open new horizons in preparation and finishing technologies.

Basing on specific common targets, we're available and warmly invite (with no preclusions) all our colleagues to cooperate with us in common interest in an open team job; we firmly believe this is the only possible strategy for a cultural and economical growth of European manufacturers of textile equipment. 

You'll find a company surprisingly open and available to challenges, with courage and loyalty.