A company made by people

Pentek is the result of a relentless activity of a devoted management, focused on a simple target: new equipment for value added effects. The strong personality and pro-active energy of the key people convey and spread passionate commitment into the company. We want to cope with challenges and share successes following this track: a team made of individual freedoms

Alberto Ciabattini

President & C.E.O.
Year: 1945 The Runner
"Pentek is the innovative passion devoted to fabrics"
  • 1966 Textile Engineer, A-level equivalent
  • 1966 Textile Designer by Lan. Arnolfo Biagioli (Prato)
  • 1970 Lives & works in London, Toronto & Munich
  • 1972 Area Manager in Comet Macchine Tessili
  • 1974 Agent & Representative for Italian and German textile equipment; R&D for finishing equipment
  • 1985 Rope Form Discontinuous tumbler patent with Biancalani (pneumatic transportation and grid smashing)
  • 1994 Taking over of Nuove Idee Srl, commission finisher
  • 2000 Founder and partner of Pentek Textile Machinery with Unitech SpA
  • 2005 EnAIRgy Patent: continuous tumbler in rope form and open width
  • 2011 DreamAIR Patent: continuous air jet in rope form for chemical & physical applications

Stefano Sanchini

Designer and Technical Director
Year: 1959 The Rider
"Pentek is a listening, room, where each good idea gets its shape "
  • 1974 Mechanical Engineer, A-level equivalent
  • 1975 Mechanical worker for a wool machinery manufacturer
  • 1979 Specialized worker for Biancalani, machinery manufacturer
  • 1981 Founder of FAMIT Srl, manufacturing and selling equipments for wool finishing
  • 1990 First design of atmospheric dyeing equipment in rope form
  • 2000 Founder and Partner of Pentek, as Designer and technical director
  • 2001 First pad mangle with 2 nad 3 cylinders and differentiated pressure
  • 2005 Design of EnAIRgy: first continuous tumbler for rope form and open width fabrics through pneumatic transport and grid smashing
  • 2011 Design of DreamAIR, Wanny and DesAIR, new equipment for fabric washing and finishing in rope form and open width

Mauro Mare

International Business Developer
Year: 1965 The Guitarist
"Pentek is the shiver of being on stage with the right to amaze "
  • 1984 A-level equivalent, major in Sciences
  • 1992 University Degree in Languages and Literatures (Spanish, French & English)
  • 1992 Teacher in University of Florence for Foreigners (Italy)
  • 1993 Free-lance consultant for direct sales and marketing
  • 1995 Export Manager at Biancalani SpA
  • 2002 Sales Director at Pentek Textile Machinery Srl
  • 2006 Shareholder of Pentek (14%) and Member of the Board
  • 2010 General Manager for furniture design company
  • 2012 International Business Developer at Pentek Textile Machinery Srl

Andrea Prologo

International Business Developer
Year: 1975 The Photographer
"Pentek is the strength and determination of a genuine team spirit "
  • 1994 A-level equivalent, major in Sciences
  • 1998 University Degree in Asian Languages and Literatures (Chinese & Japanese)
  • 1999 General Manager of Bigagli & C. representative office in China (Beijing)
  • 2002 General Manager of Santex/Sperotto Rimar representative office in China (Shanghai)
  • 2008 Area Manager (Far East) for Biancalani SpA
  • 2009 Free-lance consultant for Lafer SpA service center in China (Shanghai)
  • 2011 International Business Developer for Pentek Textile Machinery Srl

Maurizio Razzoli

Technologist & Fabric Development
Year: 1960 The Diver
"Pentek is opening the door of a problem and let imagination in "
  • 1979 A-level equivalent as dyeing chemist and colorist
  • 1981 Chemist and Dyer by Tintoria Bernocchi in Prato
  • 1984 Dyeing Manager by Tintoria del Sole (Firenze)
  • 1985 Member of AICTC
  • 1987 Dyeing Manager by Tintoria Bernocchi (Prato)
  • 2006 Free-lance consultant for fabric and dyeing machinery developments
  • 2006 Free-lance cooperation with Pentek as Senior Technologist for fabric
  • 2008 Development, machinery development and on-site customers training in Italy and abroad.

Massimo Venturi

Process Logic Programming
Year: 1954 The Cook
"Pentek is freedom of ideas: human variables within an open system"
  • 1974 Electronic Engineer degree
  • 1983 Automation Manager for textile division in company Robotica
  • 1991 Process logic Manager for the machinery manufacturer FAMIT Srl
  • 1997 Software programmer and electrical cabinet designer for FAMIT equipment in Tecno Elettronica Italiana
  • 2005 SIEMENS specialized programmer for textile machinery softwares
  • 2008 Process Logic Programming in ORION Srl. Software design and development for the complete Pentek equipment line (EnAIRgy , DreamAIR, Wanny, DesAIR)