Trippo Family
Discontinuos and modular rotary drum tumbler
Trippo Overview 1

TRIPPO is a modular, discontinuous rotary drum tumbler for drying and steaming processes in rope form. The project was born form the idea of reproducing the typical effect of swelling and shrinkage nowadays achievable only through traditional tumblers, at the same time avoidin the typical problems related to rotary drum tumblers treatments, that are:

• Inveitable risks of knots, torsions and crease marks
• Excess of action on selvadges and their related damaging

The machine is composed by 2, 3 or 4 rotary drums side by side horizontally with big diameter (2 mts). The tumblers can be motorized or idle. Within these tumblers – in its central shaft – a special winch is motorized with a completely indipendent confirguration, in order to go at different speeds compared to the drums.
While working, both the drum and the winch will alternately rotate as in traditional rotary tumblers. The winch will run at higher speeds to ensure the correct movement of the goods from one side to the other of each drum and avoiding overlapping of the goods.
Within the winch a blowing device will generate the necessary air pressure to open up the rope during its alternated motion in absence of torsions, also ihibiting the selvadges damagging.
Blowing device is also used to inject steam on the goods for particular finishing effects.