Rapid Scouring

Rapid Scouring
Rapid Scouring Range for Wool Fabrics & Blends
Lavaggio Wash
Lavaggio Magic Clash

The LV Rapid Washing line carries out the tradizional washing and soaping action for wool and wool blends during the preparation step. Thanks to its huge loading capacity (up to 400 kg with max 16 ropes), fabric is washed and drived at high speed (up to 300 mt/min) through to a rubber coated cylinder and thrown against a z-shaped stainless steel plate to generate the mechanical action of the old washerwomen by the river.

The Pentek Rapid Scouring range is equipped with a dosing and mixing tank for chemical preparation, of a bath temperature control and an automation system which enables the operator to store, edit, recall and run an extended number of programs ensuring maximum repeatibility of the process.