Pentair Family
Discontinuos process for washing, steaming, drying and tumbling in rope form
Pentair 2 Wet
Pentair 2 Wet
Pentair 2 Wet

Pentair is a discontinuous tumbling line in rope form for drying, steaming and washing processes moving fabrics through air pressure. Thanks to a patent dated 1985 which couples the air transportation system and the grid smashing, Pentair reproduces the intense action of smashing and fiber swelling available till that moment only (and partially) through the discontinuous rotary drum tumblers.

The aggressiveness of the air pressure crossing the fibers and the adjustable violence of the crash on the grids creates the typical hand feel and drape that made the history of finishing from the 90s up to now.

Combined with a softener impregnation on a pad mangle and through an intensive steaming in the machine - when not directly applying chemical washes in the main vat - air jet tumbling created a new finishing looks (color washdowns, enzymings, wrinkle looks) and hand feels (mill wash, used effect etc...) on a huge range of applications (apparel, home fabrics and furnishings) and fibers (natural, artificial and synthetic).

The line is composed by a range of modes for the pure steaming and drying actions as well as complete with a full hydraulic system for specialty finishing washes im 2 or 4 chambers.