Coventional 4 channels equipment with double upper shaft

PENTA is a full line of milling & scouring units devoted to woolen fabrics. Available in 1,2 and 4 channels, it is characterized by two core original principles: the double upper shaft and the cylinders coating. The double upper shaft enable a partial indipendency among the 4 ropes and avoids the typical violent hits of the rollers onto the goods whenever a knot or a voluminous rope moves through the cylinders. A sensitive system of lightening of the cylinders, allows to smoothly neutralize the passage or more ropes under a single cylinder without subsequent sudden lowering of the shaft, subdividing the weight of the upper shaft in two parts.

The surface of the cylinders, named LS1, is a patented compound of rubber and cotton fibers, which helps the traction enabling a better grip with virtually no slippage of the ropes.

The cotton fiber of the roller activated by the friction and the heat, releases a natural pilling in the surface which increases the grip on the carded wool.

Besides, the high loading capacity makes of PENTA the top selling unit in PENTEK milling line.