Pad mangles
2 or 3 rollers pad mangles and impregnation units
2 Rollers Pad Mangle
Roller detail
Movable vat - flipped out for maintenance

Pentek pad mangle range is positioned in the high end segment with high quality standards in technical solutions such as: wide diameter rollers (290 mm, 320 mm till 375 mm), high pressure power (14.500 till 16.000 kg), parallel or convex rectification, sturdy stainless steel executions and alternative options for compensating rollers: the standard pneumatic and the sensitive reverse for light and delicate goods, such as silks, viscose and knits.

The manufacturing range includes mainly 3 models: the classic 2 rollers - 2CA - for both impregnation and squeezing purposes; the 3 rollers - 3CA - with smaller middle cylinder to maximize pressure and reduce the nip area; and the 3 rollers for wet on wet applications - 3CA/D - with double dip and double squeeze with differentiated pressures.